About the real me Album (see track detail below)

Be True. Be Authentic. Be Real.

Nothing is more true than being who you are. I feel that my most genuine moments come when I'm sitting with a note pad overlooking a sandy beach, red rock formations or a mountain vista--or sometimes just behind a living room piano. 

While I've written lyrics for nearly 100 songs, mostly during my teens and twenties, The Real Me album represents 9 of  the 10 songs I've ever recorded in studio. The other one I wrote for my wife. 

The Real Me album is a compilation of some of my favorite ballads that I have written. They are songs I wrote when I was the most vulnerable: in love, in reflection, or looking for a sense of direction. They were written at a time when I was being real to who I was at that moment. The songs on this album were recorded in 2001 in between my undergraduate and graduate college years. Most of the songs were written in the mid-to-late 1990s. 

I had made a few copies of the original 2001 CD, but I realized music was not going to be my day job and I had a busy life to live. Technology hadn't really caught up yet to make digital distribution what it is today. I'd been asked by several people over the years how to get my music and it finally hit me a few months ago that it was time to remaster and release my album via digital channels.  So I did.

I've heard from those who have listened to my songs over the years that this particular album has a serene and calming effect and is perfect for those days when you just need to "chillax" and think about someone you care about. I hope you enjoy the tracks (see below).

Jon Fischer


Album Tracks

The Real Me Album Jon Fischer

The Real Me Album Jon Fischer

The Real Me

"The real me is who I am when I'm with you" 

Sometimes being with the right person, brings out the real you inside.


"Do I go to you and tell you how I feel? Or do I stay away until I know it's real?"

A common dilemma we all face in life and love.

There's Something

"When I am with you I feel something more, then I've ever felt before, and I could not ask for more..."

Sometimes we feel something with someone we can't describe easily in words.

For All Eternity

"Your eyes reflect in my mind a mirror to my soul"

There is a power that comes when you know something or someone is forever.

Some Day I'll Find Her

"We were meant to be"

The essence of any good love ballad.

Keep You Warm

"Time has passed between us but your magic's still the same"

You can run from love, but you can't hide.


Your Hand is In Mine

"Nothing else is moving, we've stopped the hands of time"

For those moments that literally we never want to end. 


"It's funny how sometimes you find someone, a friendship no one ever thought would come"

You can't always plan who you will cross paths with and how it will impact you.

Season of Joy

"A season of Joy, a memory to save, for only a moment"

Savor the special moments as each day, month and year of life pass away.