About Jon Fischer

Jon grew up in an active duty military family and he moved about 15 times before the age of 12. He started writing lyrics on his own in second grade in a cheap, spiral notebook while living near Tucson, Arizona.  His first ever song (unrecorded) was entitled, "Eat, Sleep and Work" and he still knows the tune in his head today. 

As Jon grew up, he often carried that same notebook in which he'd write poetry or song lyrics, especially when his family vacationed in national parks in Utah where his family finally settled down.

While Jon's true passion was in writing lyrics, he began to dabble on the piano to bring some life to the lyrics he wrote. He never had any piano lessons, but could play some by ear. Jon was writing ballads as young as age 10 and still has a binder full of dozens of lyrics, many which haven't had music composed yet--just tunes in Jon's head. Any trained music composers out there looking for a lyricist, feel free to reach out!

Jon's songwriting got a boost in his later teenage years as he started writing songs for girls he was dating. Gave him lots of material for serenading the ladies in the dorms his freshman year!

Upon his return from a two year mission in Ecuador for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Jon found time to write music as a stress release to his busy schedule pursuing an undergraduate degree in Communications. It was during this stretch that Jon began to think about selecting some songs to record.

The songs on The Real Me album, some of which were originally written while Jon was in his teens, was finally recorded in 2001 at a local studio. A few copies of the album were shared, but nothing on any digital platform. 

Jon has several musicians that have inspired him to write songs when he was growing up, but none greater than Richard Marx. Jon's favorite track of all time is "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx. To this day Jon still attends Richard Marx concerts when he is on tour.

In 2002, Jon got married and began to pursue a graduate degree and with, full-time jobs and children that followed, songwriting was put on hold. 

While Jon hasn't written any songs in recent years, he finally decided it was time to really release his The Real Me album digitally, which he did on Christmas Day 2018.

Jon and his family live in Vancouver, Washington. He and his wife Miriam have three active children ages 7, 10 and 12. Jon works as a development executive for a large pizza chain.

Jon likes to travel, especially to national parks or other places of natural beauty. He enjoys playing games with his kids, serving in his church and local community, as well as giving back as an advisory board member at his business school. He also enjoys watching college football and just took up running in the past two years, completing his first marathon in September 2018. 

Jon hasn't lost his writing bug yet and has been working on his first novel , Alpine Tide, for the past 3 years--usually late at night from his hotel room on business trips when he can't fall asleep. His goal for 2019 is to get it published. Stay tuned.

Jon can be reached via email at jonfischermusic@gmail.com